Difference between PHP and JavaScript


1. Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

1. Stands for JavaScript.

2. It is a back end,server side scripting language.

2. It is front end, client side scripting language.

But it can be used for server side scripting as well which is complicated.

3. It doesn’t execute within a browser’s window.

3. It executes within a browser’s window.

4. Functions:

  • to store and retrieve data from databases

  • import files available on server

4. Functions:

  • user interaction

  • visual effects (sliders, drop-down menu, animation)

  • HTML manipulation

  • cookie manipulation

  • import files using URL of file.

5. Can be combined with:

  • HTML

  • MySQL

5. Can be combined with:

  • HTML

  • XML

  • AJAX

6. It can encrypt data. It is a more secure programming language.

6. The code can be viewed by anybody visiting your site. It is not good for security sensitive data.

7. It has comparatively less number of PHP libraries.

7. It has a huge amount of Java libraries.

Difference between PHP and JavaScript