My PyCON ’14 Experience

PyCON India 2014 was my first Python conference ever. It has been a wonderful experience.

I was terrified and excited to be there at first. Terrified as I was only a beginner in Python. But i realised that PyCON is not meant only for experienced Python users; it is for the people who are “interested” in Python programming language and for the people who want to learn something.. something new.

I met Kushal Das and dgplug students. Unfortunately i missed the dgplug meeting. But even getting to know these people was a wonderful experience altogether.

The first keynote by Kushal Das, was personal and very much inspiring, especially for beginners like me. He shared his journey and involvement with Python.

The second keynote by Michael Foord was very informative. He told us about Python and his work on “Juju”.

I was amazed to know that everybody is working hard towards their interests. I have got to learn a lot from others.

Volunteering opened new doors for me. I interacted with speakers and other volunteers.

I made new friends and ate good food in the event. I collected many t shirts and other goodies.

I would like to conclude by saying that Python Conference has something for every python user. Try to be a part of it and you will always find something close to your interest.

My PyCON ’14 Experience