February 2015

What did I learn and do in February?

February 2015 was a busy month because of In-sem University Exams and mid-term submissions.

I contacted Lana Brindley regarding my interest in participation in OPW and certain other doubts related to bug-fixing. I worked on a few easy bugs under Openstack Documentation. Easy because they got merged in comparatively less time :P.

I have started working on my B.E. project. I am making a RSS Feed Generator as my B.E. project. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication.

I did write a simple RSS Feed generator using Python a year before, but it was limited to a certain site only.

RSS aggregators are a boon to people who visit certain sites regularly and want to:

1) get latest content

2) manage and organize the data

I regularly visit the following web sites:






This RSS Feed generator aims at removing the need for me to manually visit the website for latest content.

I am planning to build the RSS feed generator as a web-app. I ll be using Python to implement it and Python’s framework Flask for web development.

The reason for using Flask is:

1. Flask is good for projects with simple requirements.

2. It doesn’t require any huge setup

3. It is simple and easy to learn

4. I already have hands-on experience with Flask! 🙂

Since, there will be transmission of data between applications, so the project deals with API as well.

The best part about this project is that its meant to be Open Source!

February 2015