Pune Python Meetup – March 2015

I attended Pune Python Meetup – March 2015 hosted by Chandan Kumar on 28.03.2015. The purpose of this meetup was that everyone present in the meetup should have sent atleast one pull request for review.

Chandan Kumar started off by explaining on
how to contribute to opensource,
how to look for issues,
whom to contact and how to contact,
irc guidelines.

Anurag gave a demo on his project CRange.

Sayali Lunkad helped me in sending my first pull request to Horizon. She explained to me about Devstack and a few things that i didnt already know about OpenStack. She also guided me a bit for OPW.

I myself sent 3 patches: one to Openstack-Horizon and two to new-coder. Although i still need to further correct those patches.

Pune Python Meetup – March 2015

My First Workshop Hosting

I conducted a workshop on Git Basics at Pune Pyladies meetup on 15.03.2015. Few of them already have had some experience with git.

I started by explaining the whole concept and idea behind git. Then, I introduced the attendees to the basic git commands. I covered the concepts on the hidden “.git” directory. The one of the difficult parts that you encounter while explaining as well as learning git are: * the states of files in the git i.e. tracked, untracked, modified, staged and commited files. * the need of adding the files to staging area.

Shreyank Gupta and Chandan Kumar took from there and further explained how to contribute to Open Source projects on github.

My First Workshop Hosting