PyCon India 2015

It was a tiring but pretty exciting weekend at Bangalore in PyCon India 2016.

Day 1 started with the DevSprint. There were some great projects to work on. Me and Subhendu Ghosh were the mentors for Pagure. Kushal Das taught us how to start contributing to CPython by reviewing patches. An opportunity to interact with a senior Python developer and an Open Source contributor was definetly inspiring. Suraj Deshmukh’s project Scapy was also successful in sending Pull Requests. Other projects which went well were Junction and Openstack. There were FOSS event meetings. Some of my friends attended the Oppio project.
We faced some trouble related to the Wi-Fi and Internet connection which was a little frustrating but overall the DevSprint went fabulous and at the end of the event we even recieved a demand for conducting DevSprint for more than one day. πŸ™‚

In the evening all the volunteers helped in packing the Swag Kits for PyCon India attendees. It was exhausting but really fun!

My Day 2 started at the registration desk as I was one of the volunteers. After the peak hours ended, we were extremely tired! I missed the keynote speech by Dr Ajith Kumar B.P. At 11:30 a.m., I rushed for our DGPLUG meeting at PyCON India at the staircase. DGPLUG is Durgapur Linux User’s Group. It is an initiative by Kushal Das. Every year dgplug training happens for 3 months in summer on the irc channel #dgplug on Freenode. And we get a chance to meet everybody face-to-face in PyCon India every year. In the DGPLUG meeting at PyCon, we talked about:
– the projects on which we are currently working on
– problems while contributing to Open Source
– internships
– expectations before next PyCon
Kushal says that we need to perfect ourself in one of the domains be it Networking, System Programming or Web applications.

After the DGPLUG meeting, I rushed to participate in the poster presentation. There were total 5 posters on different topics. I presented a poster on Pagure.


The poster recieved the attention well. Some of the questions that were asked were:
– How is it it different from Gitlab?
– How to contribute to Pagure?
– What does “self hosting of an instance” means?
– What is FOSS?
– What are its interesting features?

I thank Pingou and Kushal Das for reviewing and providing helpful inputs in the making of the poster. I thank Chandan Kumar for helping me out at Poster Presentation at PyCon India so that I can have lunch. πŸ™‚

We had South Indian food on Day 2 at PyCon India. Loved the Sambhar!

After lunch, I volunteered for session chair in Audi 2 and attended a few talks.

Later, we had a fun volunteer’s meet where everybody was supposed to speak in pure Hindi and we even came up with a hindi name for PyCon and that is “Naag Kumbh Mela” πŸ˜€

During all this, we also went to various sponsored booths. I won a cute RedHat sipper bottle at RedHat booth, got some goodies from Zopper, Linkedin and GoIbibo.

The day ended with DGPLUG dinner at “Chulha Chowki da Dhaba” where Nicholas Tollervey shared his journey about coding and Python.

Day 3 again started with Registrations. The rush was comparatively less than the last day, so I was able to attend the Keynote Speech by Nicholas Tollervey. After that we attended a few talks and then we had a photo session for DGPLUG.

We took our PyCon India tshirts.Β The day ended with Feedback and Volunteer’s photo session.

This was my second PyCon India. Its always fun to be a part of such conferences. Apart from knowledge, the other treasured aspect is that you make friends and interact with people who share the same interests.

It was great being a part of PyCon India 2015!

PyCon India 2015