August’17 Golang Bangalore Meetup

The August Golang Bangalore Meetup was conducted on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd. Since the event took place around the holidays, there were less number of people who turned up for the event.

The meetup started at 10:30 with the first talk by Nurali Virani who works at SAP Labs, Bengaluru. He talked about “Understanding Slice & Map in Golang”. Nurali’s talk was a beginner friendly talk. He explained the concepts in very detail and by live coding. He addressed each and every question raised by the participants. The code written  by Nurali during his demo can be found here.

The next talk was done remotely by Steve Manuel. Steve (@nilslice) lives in Boulder, Colorado. He is the co-founder of Boss Sauce Creative. Steve talked about his open source project Ponzu. Ponzu is a headless CMS with automatic JSON API, featuring auto HTTPS, HTTP/2 Server Push, and flexible server framework written in Go. The slides related to his talk can be found here. Other related resources: Github, Docs, Addons. To know more about ponzu, join #ponzu on You can receive invitation to join Slack from here:

Fortunately, Steve’s talk is recorded. The recording can be found here.

I thank Udayakumar Chandrashekhar and Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd. for helping us to organize the August Golang Bangalore Meetup by providing venue and food.

August’17 Golang Bangalore Meetup

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