September Golang Bangalore Meetup

The September Golang Bangalore Meetup was conducted on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at DoSelect, Bengaluru. Around 25-30 people attended the meetup.

The meetup started at 10:15 with the first talk by Baiju Muthukadan who works at Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru. He talked about “Testing techniques in Golang”.


Karthikeyan Annamalai  gave a lightning talk about “Building microservice with gRPC”. The slides related to his talk can be found here.


Dinesh Kumar gave an awesome talk about “Gotcha’s in Golang”.  The slides related to his talk could be found here and the code explained during the demo is here.


The last lightning talk of the meetup was by Akshat who works at Go-Jek. Akshat talked about “Building an asynchronous http client with retries and hystrix in golang“.


I thank Sanket Saurav, Mohommad Rafy for helping us to organize the September Golang Bangalore Meetup by providing venue and food at DoSelect. Also, I thank Sudipta Sen for helping us out with the meetup preparation.

September Golang Bangalore Meetup

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